Judith Amanda is a blogger from the Netherlands with passion for all the good things in life: fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. She wanted to have her own space where she could share her passions with the world.

”Aspire To Inspire”

I was born in 1994, of Dutch decent. I was born and raised in a small town nearby Groningen, a province in the Netherlands. When I was younger I used to live above my parents bakery. So, my love for pastry, cakes and candy will always be there! After studying tourisme for four years, I decided to study Economics at the Hanze University.

During the years I really found a true love for fashion design and I decided this was something that I wanted to follow and pursue.I founded this blog to express my personal style, beauty tips, inspirations and travel adventures.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I                                                                                                        am looking forward to taking you on this adventure                                                                                                  with me.

                                                                      Love! xx

Photography by Peter Koops